Adventurists Mug to End All Mugs

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This mug is like the smelly big brother of all the mugs. More muggy than any other mug on the face of the Earth. As well as all our lesser mugs this one will help you consume the recommended daily allowance of 5 litres of tea before the clock nudges 12. Come noon it works just as well for imbibing the recommended 5 litres of Gin. The perfect vessel for the undercover drunk. It can also be thrown at people or inanimate objects to varying effect.

• Made of that ceramic stuff (same as fake teeth, rocket heat shields and importantly toilets).
• Height: 9.8cm (3.85").
• Diameter: 8.5cm (3.35").
• Dishwasher proof if you ever want to clean it.
• Microwave proof for those moments you want to bath it with non-ionising radiation.

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