The Adventurist Gin

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We’ll be risking our lives to gather the greatest and most difficult-to-find flavours from all 5 corners of the globe. So you can have mouth adventures from the comfort of your own glass.

But the virus delayed our plan, so we’ve launched Gin #1 - English Lawn. Born in lockdown and based on the wildest place we can see - an English garden.

The floral wonderfulness of Bergamot gets a slap from some Bay Leaves while freshly cut grass is clapping elegantly in the background.

Gin #1 is the foundational tongue-brick upon which future flavour adventures will be built. A clean, light tasting Gin best served with tonic water and a folded bay leaf.

And you know what, it turned out really rather bloody tasty. So why not toast in Christmas with a stiff glass of The Adventurist.

Bergamot | Bay | Fresh Grass | Sweet Woodruff | Yarrow | Wild Sage | Juniper | Liquorice

ABV 40%   70CL

(Give us a shout if you can distill or distribute the holy nectar for us in your country)